Forensic Services

We provide a full spectrum of white-collar crime related solutions, ranging from pre-incident compliance advisory to forensic investigatory services and subsequent legal actions. We have assisted clients through advisory services in relation to forensic investigations and the results/findings thereof, including document collection and preservation, e-discovery based documentary and email review, interviews with relevant persons, advisory on legal compliances, public disclosures, regulatory reporting, mitigation, litigation strategy and corporate governance. We also provide advisory and assistance to entities to develop reporting and regulatory mechanisms including those related to impartial whistle-blower policies, anti-sexual harassment policies, and complaint redressal mechanisms

An illustrative list of key assignments for domestic companies/large MNCs in which our team was involved can be accessed here:

Contact Person:
Sanket Jain, Partner
[email protected]


  • Investigating whistle-blower complaint by an employee, alleging improper payments to secure contracts.
  •  Investigating whistle-blower complaint made by a former employee, alleging non-compliant subcontracting of services to third parties.
  •  Investigating anonymous whistle-blower complaint alleging carrying on of competing businesses by and involvement in illegal activities of certain employees.
  • Investigating suspected manipulation of accounts and siphoning off of funds.
  • Investigating suspected overcharging of third-party costs by employees of the company to the customers.
  • Investigating potential impropriety and breach of policies while securing a tender.
  • Investigating a revenue-sharing arrangement entered into by flouting company policies.
  •  Investigating suspicious high value financial transactions undertaken by employees outside the ordinary course of business.